Sometimes good is just not enough.

That's how one large American manufacturing company felt when it came to their sales organizations. Their desire was to move their sales figures from "good" to "great,". They wanted a new approach to get there, in stead of looking for typical sales performance management solutions, where the focus often lies on analyzing sales data and adjusting the pay for performance system.

The company hired one of our partners, Carl L. Harshman & Associates, Inc., to help them achieve this "greatness" in two of their sales organizations. Harshman taught them to focus on the people working in their sales organization. Using jobEQ's tools, Harshman & Associates designed what they call a Peak Performance Profile™ strategy, and they executed the P3 in four steps:

  1. Using the iWAM and a sales performance instrument to create an iWAM Model of Excellence and a corresponding statistical profile for sales behaviors to build the P3 .
  2. Applied the P3 to the two sales organizations.
  3. Provided sales personnel with individual feedback and coaching.
  4. Provided leadership with strategy for using the results and the P3 model for ongoing coaching and development, as well as part of the process for selecting new members of the sales organizations.

The results are simple and clear: For one of the organizations, the correlation between the Model of Excellence and the job ratings was 70.3%. For the other group, the correlation was over 87%, and the Model of Excellence (by itself) was able to predict 76.1% of job performance! When this was written, the business was performing at about 30% ahead of plan for the year, and the company now uses these tools for all hires in the two sales organizations. If greatness is the only acceptable conclusion for your organization, get the tools that have a proven record of great results.

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