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A few years ago, we worked with a growing European shipping company, DDtrans. DDtrans had 120 trucks on the road, and with the business doing so well, they needed 20-30 drivers on short notice. The biggest challenges for their HR department were a high turnover rate and poor performance by drivers (too many accidents and late deliveries). The company had tried other profiling products, but the results were not an improvement. They chose jobEQ because of our unique Model of Excellence tool.

First, several high-quality truck drivers were interviewed using the iWAM/LAB Profile technology. From these profiles, we build a Model of Excellence, and a jobEQ consultant trained the HR staff to recognize the desired attitude and motivation patterns during an interview. Using these methods, DDtrans has had tremendous success. The number of accidents has been reduced by 50 percent. Better employees has also led to reduced turnover. These benefits have even led to lower insurance costs!

Now DDtrans has more than 200 trucks on the road every day, and they continue to use our products. HR Coordinator Anje Lagast said this successful recruitment "is envied by our competitors. With these employees we could convince Ford Motor Company to make DDtrans the company of choice for traffic between the UK, Belgium and Germany."

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Spreading the Word

Now that the iWAM questionnaire is available online, DDtrans' sister company also uses iWAM for new hires. Clients that have used the jobEQ questionnaires continue to use it, and they recommend jobEQ to the other organizations they work with. Retaining customers for long-term partnerships is one of the things jobEQ is most proud of.

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