jobEQ is an HR services business with a global network of partners. Our expertise is increasing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. jobEQ provides a series of HR tools: COMET, the VSQ, and the iWAM – an online test that provides an objective way to measure a person’s attitudes and motivations. We use the cutting-edge ideas of cognitive science to take the guessing work out of HR. jobEQ is proud to have a worldwide network of partners and clients.

Several studies indicate that the risk of recruiting or promoting the wrong candidate is huge. This is a key cause of retention problems: about 40% of managers last less than 18 months in their position. This is a disaster for the company, as well as for the employee. Our mission is to provide the tools and services to help solve this problem through better recruiting, better training and better coaching.

Results – We can prove it. Here are a few case studies to show you what can happen when a company works with jobEQ.

Hall of Fame – Check out the jobEQ Hall of Fame to learn about the people behind the company.


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