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The Hammer Principle:
“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

Not every part of HR faces the same challenges. Not every organization needs the same type of employees. You need flexible solutions that fit your specific needs. jobEQ's Formula for Success is Results = Attitude x Values x Competence, and our goal is to improve each of the factors that will lead your organization to great results. Our products are designed to create a more emotional intelligent workplace, which gives you a better ability to hire, manage, and coach employees.

jobEQ's Testing Suite:

iWAM – Our most popular product is iWAM, the Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation. The iWAM is an online questionnaire that objectively measures how people process and use information through metaprograms. It is the flexible, cost-effective solution for better HRM. (learn more)

COMET – This software is based on our Competence Modeling Methodology. COMET tabulates behaviour based test data and gives you an easy-to-understand feedback report. Most of our customers use it to evaluate how employees' skills compare to those of the organization's top performers. You can use one of our questionnaires, to measure competence areas such as emotional intelligence, or we can help you create your own! Either way, COMET's online format saves you time. (learn more)

VSQ – Our newest product is the Value Systems Questionnaire. Its design is similar to the iWAM, but instead of attitudes and motivations, it allows you to test for the Graves' Value Systems and other cultural patterns. The VSQ reveals how well an employee fits and relates to the company culture. Right now it is free to use for our iWAM customers. (learn more)

One of the things that sets jobEQ apart from the rest is that we use an integrated approach. We know that a variety of factors affect the way we process information, and we offer a variety of tests to assess each of these aspects. To learn more about the mental process that leads to results, and how jobEQ's tools fit in, read the Process page.

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