The jobEQ Hall of Fame is a tribute to all of the people behind the company - those that have generously given their time, input, hard work, advice, and energy to this company. Except for being able to use the tools, the place in the Hall of Fame is the main compensation jobEQ has given some of the people mentioned here.

jobEQ was founded in 2000 by Patrick Merlevede, Peter Van Damme, Serge Deprez and Brian Van der Horst as initiative to develop emotional intelligent human resources tools, as a branch of the Integral Perspectives Group. Patrick brought the testing and human resources know-how, Serge the sales experience, Peter the technical background and Brian his marketing experience and his extended network. The company has grown through success, challenges, and the inevitable surprises. jobEQ became a thriving global business and we became an international group of friends sharing our experience and resources to make jobEQ happen, with many others joining us on our path.

Patrick Merlevede is jobEQ's main architect, as well as its current owner. Patrick worked on the iWAM test and developed the COMET and VSQ tools from scratch. He holds two master's degrees from the Catholic University of Leuven - one in economics and computer science and one in cognitive science. Check out the Books Patrick has written on Emotional Intelligence.

Peter Van Damme, with his consulting and business owner experience, helped to create the iWAM testing engine and helped Patrick and Serge to write the business plan. He holds a master's degree in mathematics and an executive MBA from Vlerick School of Management in Belgium.

Serge Deprez brought his extensive business experience to the table and helped work out the business plan and the product structure. He holds a degree in linguistics and a management degree in IAG.

Brian Van der Horst assisted with the construct validation of the iWAM questionnaire, including the construction of the initial French standard group, pointed out the direction for the VSQ questionnaire and shared his marketing ideas.

Rodger Bailey is the co-creator of what is currently known as the LAB Profile, and based on that experience developed a predecessor to the iWAM test. He holds a B.S. in Anthropology and a M.S. in Counseling. His coaching between June and October 2000 helped us set up iWAM.

Denis Bridoux also assisted in the iWAM construct validation and helped to translate the iWAM & VSQ questionnaires to French. Denis has a university degree in Linguistics. Check out the Books Denis has written on Emotional Intelligence. The French translation of many of the reports was the work of Christiane Van Eygen.

Of course, our many other translators also deserve a honerable mention. Marianne Kjær translated iWAM and much of the profiling environment to Danish. She holds a master's degree in learning processes from Aalborg University in Denmark. Hanno Ellensohn and Ulrich Geuther worked on the German translation of iWAM. Marco Danscheid did the German version of VSQ. Anna Ivanova translated iWAM and VSQ into Russian. Alina Tyl did the Polish translation of iWAM. Anwar Al-Faisal Al-Sabah from Kuwait worked on the Arabic translations of iWAM, VSQ and COMET. Annelies Boelaert and Marisela Piñeyro made the Spanish version available for both Spain and Latin America.

Shelle Rose Charvet, author of "Words that Change Minds," is one of the active promoters of jobEQ. She opened up the LAB Profile trainer/consultant community for jobEQ's iWAM tool and is one of the LAB Profile's leading specialists actively providing feedback on English, French and Spanish version of the iWAM questionnaire.

Next to our academic degrees and our business experience, most of the persons of the extended team are also certified as NLP master practitioners or even NLP trainers. Many of us are also certified LAB Profile consultants or trainers. Inside the NLP community, our friendship extends to Leslie Cameron, Judith Delozier, Robert Dilts, David Gordon, Charles Faulkner, John Grinder, Ph.D., and L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., for sharing their unpublished materials and discussing the history and the meaning of NLP metaprograms, which underlies the iWAM research.

We want to thank all of our customers for their business and their trust. They helped us to achieve impressive results. A particular mention goes to our pilot customers. Freddy Vandekerckhove of the City of Antwerp was one of iWAM's first customers, and people from his department such as Ingrid Siaens helped to edit the Dutch language version of iWAM. Michel Henry from SPS|Infoquest was another early adopter. His company offered also some statistical consulting which helped us to validate iWAM as well as our model of reference approach.

From an academic point of view, we should mention several professors who supervised research projects for which jobEQ's tools were used. Dr. P. Goris and Dr. R. Vereecken of K.U. Leuven supervised a LAB Profile-based whiplash research project by Patrick Merlevede. This research resulted in a peer-reviewed paper in the medical journal Coonsilio Manuque (1999). Dr. Alec Weich from the University of Westminster (UK) supervised a COMET-based project for Fusun Beyazkili's Master in HR Management. Similar projects were carried out by Bieke Cabergs at the Limburgs Universitair Centrum (Belgium) under supervision of Dr. Marina Vaes; by Nupur Malviya for her post-graduate in Psychology at Lucknow University (India) under supervision of Dr. Neelima Misra; and by Bert Imandt for a degree in Pedagogy at the Fontys Hogeschool (Netherlands) under supervision of A.H.G.M. Haeren.

Several users have helped us to define new products or helped to ensure a better wording of questionnaires, reports, brochures, etc. These include (in alphabetic order) Murielle Aufaure, Bettina De Boes, Carl Harshman, Claude Martin, John Lane-Smith, Marilyn Powell, Jean-Luc Monsèmpes, and Jane Sunley.

Finally, our thanks go out to the inventors of the Internet, because without the Internet not only would it have been impossible to share this page, it would have been very unlikely that all those persons mentioned here could have collaborated, given they are living in countries as diverse as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, the United States and Uruguay. For many of us, the Internet was the place we first met, and some of us have never seen each other "in real life."

Of course, a hall of fame is never complete. The list keeps growing and some heroes remain anonymous.

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