jobEQ's headquarters is located at The Convent in the town of Eeklo in northern Belgium. Some of the training and meetings that jobEQ participates in takes place at The Convent, and this page is designed to show you several ways to get there. Some people come directly to The Convent by car or train, while others choose to stay in town for a night. If you choose to stay in the area for a night, you can either stay in the few hotels in Eeklo or you can find a place in Ghent, a nearby city with a nice atmosphere and plently of hotels.

Lodging recommendations in Eeklo and Ghent

By Train (from Brussels)

In Brussels Zaventem Airport, you can take a train directly to the Gent Sint-Pieters station. Total travel time is about an hour and cost is about 11 Euro. From Gent Sint-Pieters, you can take another train to Eeklo (the total trip costs around 15 Euro).

By Train (from Ghent)

Ghent is the closest major city to Eeklo. Trains take about 35 minutes to get from the Ghent Sint-Pieters station to Eeklo, and on weekdays they usually leave at 42 past the hour. A ticket will cost about 3.90 Euro. Leaving from Sint Pieters station, Eeklo is usually the last of 7 stops, right after Waarschoot. For an exact schedule, click here and type "Gent St Pieters" as your starting point and "Eeklo" as your destination.

  • Once you have arrived in Eeklo, we recommend to give us a call ( +32 (475) 870.852 ) and we will pick you up.
  • If you prefer to walk (1.6km or about a mile), this is what you need to do:
    1. walk out the front doors of the train station and turn right.
    2. Walk straight ahead along the Stationstraat until you reach the market square.
    3. After the market square, turn into the street at the left (Koning Albertstraat).
    4. At the end of the street is a round about. The street to your left is the Tieltsesteenweg.
    5. The convent is number 22. It's a brown building on the right, just after the police station.

By Car (from Brussels or Gent)

  1. On the E40, take exit 14 "Expo" - continue to R4 - direction Eeklo
  2. Continue on R4 for 7,5km, until the R4 turns away from the water - you'll see an exit "EEKLO"
  3. When coming of the exit, turn right on the N9 (direction Eeklo) and continue for approx. 12km)
  4. In Eeklo, continue to the traffic lights after the market square and turn left on "Koning Albertlaan"
  5. On Koning Albertlaan, after some 700m the street ends on a roundabout. Turn left on the roundabout
  6. This is the Tieltsesteenweg. The Convent is n°22 (the brown building after the Police station).

By Car (from Calais)

Calais is the city in northern France that serves as the closest landing point from England and the exit of the Chunnel. It's about 150 kilometers from Calais to Eeklo. Expect 80-100 minutes to get there, depending on your driving speed.

  1. In Calais, head in the direction of Dunekerque
  2. Follow E40 highway into Belgium (you can't even see the border, except from some signs next to the road indicating you're entering Belgium)
  3. On E40, take exit Aalter (exit #11, about 70 km after you crossed the border)
  4. Aalter: on exit at the bottom turn left
  5. Go under the highway (tunnel) and get on the roundabout
  6. From the roundabout, follow the road to Eeklo & Maldegem
  7. Follow the road for about 5 km, and then take a smaller road to your right (the N449) which goes to Eeklo, It's about the third traffic light, after crossing a second Bridge - the first goes over the railway, the second over a canal)
  8. Follow this smaller road till you get in Eeklo (about 12 km). It passes 2 small villages
  9. In Eeklo: You enter the town via the Tieltsesteenweg, and you'll find the convent near the end of the street, at the left side at n°22 (the brown building just before the Police station).

More information about accomodation in the area
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The street Facade of The Convent. The white building is the Police Station
The Convent
Address: Tieltsesteenweg 22 / B-9900 Eeklo / Belgium
Phone: +32 (475) 87.08.52

Local Map of Tieltsesteenweg 22, 9900 Eeklo, Belgium


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