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Consultants who are working with us, whether it is to do large scale surveys to evaluate organizational cultures, or to offer advanced solutions for recruitment or assessment centers, appreciate the huge number of possibilities our tools offer them. They know they will be able to customize our tools to provide the solution their customer is looking for. We appreciate that they will do projects where 250 or even 1000 and more persons complete one or several of jobEQ’s questionnaires. In many cases they make use of jobEQ’s model of excellence technology.

Some consultants will also have all the qualifications of what is described under the distributor/Reseller examples. Other consultants, rather than doing everything themselves, may choose to rely on jobEQ partners or work with jobEQ directly for needs such as certifying users, providing helpdesk support, etc. They may also employ trainer/coaches as described in the third type of examples.

What is required to become a jobEQ consultant?

  1. Getting certified as jobEQ professional + having the professionals skills required for consulting work
  2. Deciding whether to source jobEQ credits from one the existing partners, or signing a distribution agreement with jobEQ yourself
  3. Optionally
    • Becoming a certified Modeler
      The Model of Excellence approach is a key factor in many jobEQ based projects. Some consultants will rely on jobEQ or on other certified professionals to help them to do the analysis to make the models, and others will prefer to get certified themselves so that they can make their own models
    • Obtaining additional certifications in the models underlying jobEQ’s tools
      (e.g. LAB Profile Trainer/consultant certification)

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