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A partner or distributor deals with prospects and customers, without intervention of jobEQ (unless explicitly requested). They handle the entire sales process and do administration, payments, etc. for their customers. They can get a closed user group for demonstration purposes. They are compensated by a sales commission.

Here are 2 examples:

  • A business model of many of our partners is that they market the jobEQ tools in their area and organize several certification training session a year. They are training the people that become consultants, trainers, coaches or HR professionals who are using jobEQ’s products. They will also resell jobEQ test credits to the professionals they trained and also provide helpdesk services to their clients.
    Before joining jobEQ, some already were running a training institute and they just added jobEQ’s tools to their offering. Other partners are dedicated to jobEQ’s tools and services. Some partners also provide the type of services mentioned under the consultant and trainer/coach examples.
  • If you are implementing HR solutions for customer organizations, but you don’t have tests to offer, you might also consider adding jobEQ’s testing suite to your solution portfolio. This allows you to cross-market, up sell or just offer a more complete solution to your customers. In those cases; it’s best to talk to jobEQ directly. We can help to sort out whether it makes more sense for you to team up with jobEQ directly or with one of jobEQ’s existing partners.

What does it take to become a full jobEQ partner?

  1. Getting certified as jobEQ partner
    Given our high qualification standards, becoming a partner or distributor is generally restricted to trained professionals. Depending on your prior qualifications, you generally will have a 1-2 year supervision period. After getting certified as jobEQ professional, you will be operating under supervision of jobEQ or a jobEQ partner who operates in another area. During the startup period, jobEQ or your supervising partner will help you to deliver the certification training programmers in your area and help you with helpdesk issues. A next step is to get certified as jobEQ trainer, so that you can run your own certification training. (The supervision period can be waived or shortened for certified LAB Profile trainer/consultants, experienced NLP trainers or Certified Spiral Dynamics consultants.)
  2. Signing a distribution agreement with jobEQ
    The upside is that jobEQ doesn’t ask a heavy upfront investment to become a partner. The downside is that we are very reluctant when it comes to give you any type of “exclusivity”. Still, even if jobEQ does not offer regional exclusivity to jobEQ partners, we aim at limiting the number of full partners to one for an area of 10 million people. If there is already an active partner in your area, we will recommend you to examine whether collaboration is possible. jobEQ will also help to mediate between jobEQ partners should problems arise. The distribution agreement provides you with guarantees in these areas.

E-mail jobEQ if you want to apply.

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