“ The iWAM has become a central tool in our approach to executive and leadership development as well as in the development of effective leadership teams. I wish there had been such an instrument available twenty years ago.”

- Carl L. Harshman, Harshman & Associates

When building a team, one needs to manage diversity by building a complementary group of persons with different attitudes and work approaches, and helping this group to overcome their differences. The iWAM reports will show how complementary team members are and how each of them can be motivated and coached. <learn more>

Article 1: Teamwork...Sense or Nonsense?
Article 2: Forming Subcultures at Work

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The Questionnaires

  • iWAM - The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation
  • COMET - Competence Modeling Methodology
  • VSQ - Value Systems Questionnaire

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