Maybe you want to avoid boredom or being stuck in a function that doesn't really fit with who you are. Maybe you want find a job that's better suited with your current career goals or with your plans for the future. Use jobEQ to get out of the rut!

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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
Get to know yourself better. Get your profile for free. We'll help you discover the answers to the following questions. What motivates you? How would you organize your work if you had a choice? What are important values to you? What are your strongest competencies? What are your areas of improvement?
We can offer you this for free because businesses want to pay for people with self-knowledge. All we ask you to do is to send your jobEQ profile along with your resume when you're applying for a new job. Your advantage: your next employer will know who you are and will be able to match his job offer to what you want.

Not looking for a new job right now? No problem. Use the iWAM profile as a free tool to discover how to increase your Emotional Intelligence and be happier at work!
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