Mastering Mentoring and Coaching with Emotional Intelligence
by Patrick E. Merlevede and Denis Bridoux

" For mentors, coaches, clients, and HR people alike, this how-to book teaches you the ancient art of mentoring. Contains very practical, clearly presented and easily applied tools. An essential read if you want to acquire the mindset that will enable you to be a good coach and/or mentor in the widest possible circumstances and contexts. "
Julian Russell, founder and managing director of PPD Consulting Ltd.

" The front cover of this book has a quote ‘… the best book I've read on the subject ...’ and I have to agree. The authors say they have spent many years researching their subject and reading other books and materials, and it shows. It is packed with information for anyone who is interested in coaching or being coached. "
Jan Brause, Training Journal

" This book certainly stands out from the crowd, largely because it offers practical help to anyone wanting to understand effective mentoring. It is a highly effective book that I would recommend to anyone involved in a mentoring relationship. "
Nick Broom, Edge

" This is a book for the modern reader. It sets out to create links between the printed text and web-based information. It is a visually interesting text as well. A minimalist approach to in-text referencing makes the text easy on the eye...[the book] seems to be designed particularly for mentors working in corporate, managerial and organisational settings. However, this book is also a rich resource for counsellors working from a constructivist approach, supervisors, NLP consultants and trainers. "
Te Ruru, personal consultant and educator

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-Ken Blanchard

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