Using jobEQ’s technology for pre-employment testing

Ensure the best recruitment decisions: screen candidates using a reliable and easy-to-use online assessment solution.

The best advice we could give to HR professionals is to Hire for Attitude, since this is the best predictor for work performance. This will tremendously improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process by helping you to get more qualified candidates while at the same time reducing the number of unqualified candidates. This page discusses how to use iWAM for pre-employment testing, how it can predict employee success, and why the best choice is an online assessment solution.

Much of the performance improvement our system comes from our ability to objectively compare people to each other and to the top performers in an organization. Our tools can predict employee success because we find out what psychological traits the top performers have in common, then we use pre-employment testing to discover who has the most potential to become the next top performer. Using iWAM as a pre-employment assessment is an easy way sort the "A" candidates from the rest of the pack before you invest your valuable time in interviewing. Before you ever invite a candidate for an interview, you will know to what extent their work attitude and motivation fits the requirements of the job.

Saving time and money

  • A better recruitment process helps save time and money in an HR department. Using iWAM for pre-employment testing will cut your time to hire by at least 50%, while having to spend less. How? Not only does our approach help to improve the efficiency of your job interviews, but jobEQ helps you to save hours by reducing the number of interviews you need to do before you are sure you are hiring the best candidate. Especially when you have many candidates, your recruiting staff might get overwhelmed with resumes and applications, and it can become hard to isolate the best candidates before they are no longer available.
  • Hiring the best recruits will help an organization to spend less while getting better results. Experts estimate the cost of a bad hiring decision at anywhere from 20% to 200% of a year's salary. This happens because if the wrong hiring decision is made, the employee will be unproductive, and the company must pay to hire and train yet another worker. Data show that hiring for attitude and motivation predicts up to 80% of job performance, so it’s no wonder that organizations around the world are turning to jobEQ’s iWAM questionnaire for making better hiring decisions. As you can read from the case studies on our Web site, jobEQ’s questionnaires have helped to drastically reduce turnover as well as drastically improving performance. For example, one company’s sales team hired using iWAM, and their employees performed 50% above target even with a 10% reduction in workforce!

What is the Catch?

With jobEQ, there is none. Here is why: Our tests have an online format, which saves us time and money, and we pass on the savings to you! The biggest reason companies choose jobEQ is for the reliability of our tests, which is unparalleled in the world of pre-employment testing. While other test builders might claim similar results for their assessment solutions, the fact is over-active salespeople often exaggerate their products. Fortunately, there are ways to evaluate any psychological test. We suggest screening any assessment for the following issues:

  • Reliability issues
    Not every questionnaire works equally well for pre-employment testing. Many test providers don’t mention that the tests will fail unless candidates are fully honest while completing a questionnaire. Unfortunately, people tend to be biased, and people often try to choose answers that would make themselves look good. For example, research has shown that 70% of population thinks that their IQ is higher than average.
    Even though we have 3 product lines, our iWAM test is the only assessment solution we recommend using for pre-employment testing. iWAM is designed to eliminate test falsification and bias. We did this by making each answer positive, which eliminates “right” and “wrong” choices, and makes it impossible to guess what the best choice would be. Moreover, we have an extensive interview methodology which enables you to fully validate each of the candidates’ answers in case of doubt.
  • Legal issues
    Test creators must prove their pre-employment assessment truly measures and predicts employee success. In many countries, it’s unlawful for an employer to refuse to hire any individuals, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to his employment, because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Employers who use pre-employment testing must be able to prove they comply with non-discrimination legislation in the countries where they apply pre-employment screening. In other words, you need to be able to prove that the prediction made by a test actually corresponds to real job performance.
    Enter jobEQ’s Model of Excellence technology. This technology enables you to make reliable predictions concerning employee success. When making a model, we will measure how current top performers score on iWAM, thus defining which motivational patterns are useful to have for that job. During the pre-employment testing phase, candidates are matched against this model.

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