Using jobEQ’s technology for pre-employment testing

Ensure the best recruitment decisions: screen candidates using a reliable and easy-to-use online assessment solution.

The best advice we could give to HR professionals is to Hire for Attitude, since this is the best predictor for work performance. This will tremendously improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process by helping you to get more qualified candidates while at the same time reducing the number of unqualified candidates. This page discusses how to use iWAM for pre-employment testing, how it can predict employee success, and why the best choice is an online assessment solution.

Much of the performance improvement our system comes from our ability to objectively compare people to each other and to the top performers in an organization. Our tools can predict employee success because we find out what psychological traits the top performers have in common, then we use pre-employment testing to discover who has the most potential to become the next top performer. Using iWAM as a pre-employment assessment is an easy way sort the "A" candidates from the rest of the pack before you invest your valuable time in interviewing. Before you ever invite a candidate for an interview, you will know to what extent their work attitude and motivation fits the requirements of the job.

Saving time and money

What is the Catch?

With jobEQ, there is none. Here is why: Our tests have an online format, which saves us time and money, and we pass on the savings to you! The biggest reason companies choose jobEQ is for the reliability of our tests, which is unparalleled in the world of pre-employment testing. While other test builders might claim similar results for their assessment solutions, the fact is over-active salespeople often exaggerate their products. Fortunately, there are ways to evaluate any psychological test. We suggest screening any assessment for the following issues:

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