jobEQ's Privacy and Security Policy

jobEQ develops and commercializes several assessment instruments through an international network of partners. jobEQ bvba is a Belgian company that adheres to European and US data protection laws.

For commercializing our assessment instruments, we operate the jobEQ, and MyCareerDiscovery web sites. All user data is stored on the server.

jobEQ staff may or may not have access to data stored on the server, but adhere to Operation Guidelines compliant with Belgian and European Data-protection laws, which are known to be the most stringent ones in the world.

Non-jobEQ staff, such as jobEQ partners, only have access to data stored in the Closed User Groups of their customers. The partners are bound by the data protection acts of their respective countries.

Information we collect from you, the end-user

For the assessment tools and recruiting workflow applications developed by jobEQ, we will collect data about end-users. This includes, but is not restricted to, data for the assessment of individuals interests, motives, talents, aptitudes, competencies, and work place culture. This data is used for both analysis and research purposes.

When you visit the web site as end-user, you may be asked to provide certain information about yourself including your name, contact details, gender, age, other personal details, and information regarding your employment.

What we do with this data

As indicated on the main page of the jobEQ assessment environment, JobEQ organizes its data in Closed User Groups. A Closed User Group is used by the HR team of a customer. Any data left in this Closed User Group will not be used for other commercial purposes without explicitly asking permission of and receiving permission from the individual.

To be more precise, with the consent of this customer, data stored on behalf of the jobEQ customer will be made available to the customer's HR staff if the data was collected for HR purposes. In addition and with proper permissions, this data may be made available to other parties involved in the HR process for which the data was collected. These 'other parties' might be a jobEQ partner or a consultant asked to provide assessment services. We expect, but cannot guarantee, that the organization and third parties involved in such a Closed User Group will adhere to the data protection laws applicable in their jurisdiction.

Each access to data stored on the server is monitored and, in most cases, this access will be registered in log files. Non-adherence to data protection laws reported to jobEQ will most probably result in measures against the persons involved, such as blocking further access to any jobEQ data.

Outside the scope of the people involved in a Closed User Group, data will not be made available by jobEQ to 3rd parties without the written consent of our customers. Apart from this, data collected about persons being tested will not be transferred to other parties without the personal written consent of the client organization and, if appropriate, the participants who were tested.

Data Security

The jobEQ and servers have been hosted by Alabanza in the USA since 2001. The Alabanza Data Center is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Alabanza Automated Hosting solutions are the most complete and proven on the market.

In 2005, Host Review ranked Alabanza #2 in their Best Managed Hosting Service award category. Host Review's Best Managed Hosting Service is an award intended to mark the companies with best performance through the last month. The criteria are the overall presence of the company and equipment procurement, provisioning and installation, and network monitoring and management capabilities.

Alabanza is committed to safeguarding the information entrusted to it by its customers. In technical terms, this means Alabanza takes care of weekly full backups of jobEQ data, as well as daily incremental backups. As a sign of Alabanza's commitment to protect consumer privacy, Alabanza has submitted a certification for participation in the Safe Harbor program between the United States and the European Union. Alabanza subscribes to the Safe Harbor principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, Alabanza has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. Alabanza constantly monitors the systems they host, which are protected using industry-standard security measures.

For more information about security, performance and reliability, see

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