How Do I Know What to Look For in an Employer?

That can be a difficult question to answer, but one thing is certain: the ideal job is different for every person. Everyone has individual attitudes and motivations, and your personality has a major effect on how you fit in at your workplace. Even if you have had the same classes and training as someone else, the perfect job for you may be terrible for them. That is why you should look for a company that hires for attitude.

A company can teach you the skills you need, but they can't teach attitude. If they hire you for your attitude, it means you probably work and think like the company's top people. They probably want to train you to become their next top performer. Isn't that what you want?

What Can I Do?

Ask. Find out if the company you are interested in hires for attitude. If your new career is important to you, then put yourself in an environment where you know you will be happy and motivated. You should also realize that if they hire you for attitude, then they will do the same for other employees, and you will be working in an office full of satisfied, motivated co-workers.

Before you begin your job search, you should find out exactly what motivates you. You can't find the perfect job until you know what the perfect job would be. One way to increase your self-awareness is with jobEQ's iWAM questionnaire. The iWAM is an objective test that measures your work attitudes and motivations. It is easy and quick, and it will help you identify what you should look for in an employer. You can take the iWAM test for free online.

One of the typical interview questions an employer will ask is 'What are 3 of your strengths and 3 of your weaknesses?' If you have completed iWAM, answering this question becomes easy! After completing iWAM you will receive jobEQ's Attitude Sorter report. This report lists the patterns which typify you the most (your strengths) and some of the patterns which are the most challenging to you. If you like the report, it would be useful to take it to an interview and show an employer exactly what leads you to success. This increases your chances of getting the right job, and of course employers like candidates that do their research!

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