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    jobEQ is a HR technology provider with an European Approach, primarily aimed at the European Markets (but not limited to this part of the world) . Our systems combine state of the art research and technology. jobEQ sees HR professionals such as recruiters & coaches as priviledged users.


    Several studies indicate that the risk of recruiting or promoting the wrong candidate is huge. This is an important cause of retention problems: about 40% of managers last less than 18 months in their function. This is a disaster for the company, as well as for the person. jobEQ wants to help to solve this problem through better recruiting, better training and better coaching.

    Plans & Current Status

    At this moment, several customers in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg & the United States are using our tools, built around the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation. We are always adding new distribution partnerships.

    jobEQ was started as a completely self-financed spin-off of the INTEGRAL PERSPECTIVES GROUP, assembling a new team of entrepreneurs that brings the Integral Profiling technologies to the Internet. jobEQ is developing additional tools using the income generated by current sales. We are proud to say we are free of debts. Still, we remain open to discuss additional investment funds, since this would allow us to grow faster (speeding up the expansion of our offering and moving to other countries).


    jobEQ's iWAM test is based on a recent version of the LAB ProfileTM, for which the INTEGRAL PERSPECTIVES GROUP has an unlimited usage right, the European Trademark and an European training license since 1986. In November 2001, we have cross-licensed the LAB ProfileTM technology with Success Strategies (ran by Shelle Rose Charvet), allowing us to expand our training rights to cover the world. In turn, the LAB ProfileTM originates from research done by Leslie Cameron Bandler at the NLP Center for Advanced Studies (starting around 1979). The NLP Center for Advanced Studies is now also an INTEGRAL PERSPECTIVES GROUP company.

    Computer Technology: jobEQ is an advocate of the "No Code on the Client" movement, which PeopleSoft promotes since 2000. This means that for using jobEQ software, one doesn't have to install any software on the local PC. All you need is a PC connected to the Internet and an Internet browser (we recommend Internet Explorer 5). Our software is developed using open standards state of the art technology, including Perl, PHP and a MySQL database at the server side and HTML and JavaScript at the client side.


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