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With 2800 containers and 212 trucks respectively, the 2 sister companies ECS European Containers and DD trans, are the largest transportation companies in the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium. Finding high quality staff for positions such as truck driver and planner is no easy feat.

DD trans has been working hard to select well performing truck drivers, and their effort has paid off. Says Anje Lagast, HR coordinator: "We have a low turnover and a rate of accidents which is envied by our competitors. With these employees we could convince Ford Motor Company to make DDtrans the company of choice for traffic between the UK, Belgium (Genk) and Germany (Koln)."

To achieve this, DDtrans has been using models of reference. First several high quality truck drivers were interviewed using the iWAM/LAB Profile technology to build a model. Then a jobEQ consultant trained the HR staff of DDtrans to recognize the desired attitude and motivation patterns during an interview. Similar models have been made for the planning function and several other functions.

Now that the iWAM Questionnaire is available on-line, the sister company ECS European Containers started using the iWAM management report as a recruiting aid. According to Evelynn Van Mossevelde, HR Manager & Director: "The iWAM Questionnaire allows for considerable time saving compared with the LAB Interview. Now I get an even higher recruiting precision and I can use the interview time to check whether the profile is correct and to find out the implications of a candidate's attitude and motivational style on the work context. Also, the questionnaire is available in all languages we need in our international offices."

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