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How jobEQ solves major recruiting challenges

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JobEQ's view on the recruiting process

Opportunities in the Recruiting Process

We identified 6 major problems with how recruiting works today. These present serious risks both to the candiate and to the company. This may help explain some studies: In the UK, for example, about 10% of hired candidates don't even make it to the end of the first month on their new job! The right column of the table explains how our pre-employment testing solutions help to solve these problems.


Market weakness

jobEQ solution

Job Description & Candidate Profile
How do you know what type of person you are looking for?

Model of Excellence
For many positions, each organization has examples of people doing that job well. jobEQ helps you to find out how they function to get these results. We use their profiles to design a model of the ideal candidate.

Job Ad
How do you make sure your advertisement is appealing enough to attract the right candidate?

Job Ad design
Once you know what motivates the best performers in a function, you can write the add using language that will motivate people that are similar to your top performers.

Which resume to select
Out of all the resumes that you receive, how do you select who you should interview? (What do you do with the ones you reject?)

Pre-employment Testing & Profile Matching
Candidates fill out the jobEQ questionnaires. Their answers are compared to the model of excellence. This is an objective, scalable process that can quickly narrow the field to only the best candidates.

Cycle time
How can you deal with dozens or even hundreds of candidates in a reasonable amount of time?

Internet Processing
All our solutions are available online, dramatically increasing the efficiency of the recruiting process. What will you do with all the time you save?

Recognize best match
How do you recognize the best match for the job?

Candidate Ranking
jobEQ ranks all candidates according to the degree in which they match with a model of excellence. Moreover, the jobEQ management report describes the candidates in detail.

Motivate to join
How do you motivate the chosen candidate to join your team?

Training & coaching
jobEQ's feedback reports tell you the exact words that will motivate a particular candidate. You will also learn how to close the gap between the model of excellence and the new employee using coaching and training.

This short presentation may also help explain the recruiting process:
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