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COMET/EQ Competence Questionnaire

COMET/EQ refers to a specific work related emotional intelligence questionnaire that is administered using the COMET 360° Feedback software. The test is an objective, accurate way to measure EQ competencies (skills) in the work context. Specifically, the results will show you how well employees understand and manage their own emotions, how well they read emotions of others, and if they can use this knowledge to manage their interpersonal relationships. COMET/EQ is available in English, French, Dutch and Arabic versions.

What COMET/EQ measures:

  1. Emotional Self-Awareness & State Control
  2. Self-confidence / Intuition
  3. Emotional Awareness of Others / Perceptual Positions
  4. Planning & Well-formed outcomes / Positive Thinking
  5. Vision / Mission / Values
  6. Removing booby-traps from Communication ( Question Asking Skills )
  7. Flexibility in Communication
  8. Overcoming Challenges/difficulties / Trespassing Boundaries
  9. Conflict Resolution Skills
  10. Creativity
  11. Presuppositions held by people with a high EQ

Uses of this questionnaire:

This questionnaire is aimed as tool to get people more aware about their strengths and weaknesses. It can be used as a:

  • Companion to the book "e;7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence"e;. As such it gives pointers on which chapters of the book the reader should focus to improve their skill level.
  • Part of a training program. As such we recommend people to complete it prior to the workshop and help them to create a personal work plan (The COMET/EQ questionnaire measures specific skills that can be taught - from the assessment of their level of competence one can decide which categories one should be working on).
  • Coaching tool. The coach can then help his customer to improve the areas in need of development.
  • Research tool. COMET/EQ has has also been used in a number of research projects and Masters dissertations for universities. You can see for yourself some of the unexpected findings in the COMET/EQ Research Overview. Masters level students can use it for free for their disertations.

The COMET/EQ questionnaire was originally developed as a research tool and as a demonstration of the power and accuracy of jobEQ's COMET system. Our clients liked the EQ test so much, they began requesting to use it for their organizations. It began to have a life of it's own, and now the COMET/EQ is available for all of our partners and clients to purchase.

We recommend using this questionnaire in 360° feedback mode (rather than just self-assessment). Therefor do NOT recommend this questionnaire for recruiting purposes. For recruitment, jobEQ recommends that you test for attitude, values and competencies observed from the top performers holding the position you are recruiting or assessing for.

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