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VSQ: Value Systems Questionnaire


Value Systems Testing & Cultural Research

Cultural fit is the third pillar of jobEQ's testing suite, and we measure it with the VSQ. The test was built on the foundation of human values and culture research.

Essentially, the VSQ measures three things:

  1. Value Systems:
    8 patterns of value systems that help determine what decisions you make.
    They determine how you see the world, what you value and how you cope with the challenges you have to face.
    (based on the work of Clare W. Graves, Don Beck & Christopher Cowan)
  2. Value Hierarchy:
    A ranking of the most important values for an individual
    (inspired by Nietzsche)
  3. Social Pattern Variables:
    10 patterns originally proposed by Talcott Parsons and often used in cultural and social research
    (e.g. Trompenaars, Hampden-Turner, Hofstede, ...)

The Value Systems Questionnaire can be used as a stand-alone product, but is a available for free for our iWAM customers. You can try out the "personal edition" in the Public Profiling System.

Detailed Explanation of the patterns that the VSQ measures
A paper discussing the Face Validity of the VSQ instrument
Samples of VSQ documents
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