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The Path to Results


jobEQ's Integral Vision on HR:
What is the mental process that leads to results?

Suppose that you are on vacation on the coast of Australia, and you want to go scuba diving in one of the reefs. You go to the nearest information desk of the diving company to plan your dive. As expected, a friendly staff member greets you and gives you the information you need. Nothing unusual, you might say. However, the challenge for the local diving companies is to recruit enough employees and adequately train them so that customers like you get helped during the vacation season. Let’s take a look how the HR team made sure you got served…

jobEQ's Formula for Success is Results = Attitude x Values x Competence. Naturally, it requires some skills (a.k.a. competence) and knowledge to be able to achieve results. In the given example, this means that the employees need the necessary knowledge about the diving procedures and regulations in order to find out what is important (values and criteria). They must also learn skills such as how to use the equipment and how to teach this to the customer. Other competencies that help customers will include language skills, since the tourists at the coast may be from another country. Think about it from the perspective of the person on vacation. Would you trust someone who had difficulty using the equipment? What if they explained only the diving procedure, and not how to surface? It is the same with an employee. The right competence and the right values are vital to achieving results.

However, just because someone has the ability to do a job doesn't mean he or she will be motivated to do it. It was important to recruit employees with the right work attitude and motivation. This means attracting candidates who love to work with customers, like the social contact and want to be appreciated for being helpful and friendly. They must also be able to communicate and provide structured information to the customer. The figure below is a graphical representation of the elements involved in this mental process:

Process That Leads to Results Chart: It's the task of HR management to tackle each of the building blocks on this chart

Ideas first go through the process of Filtering, then Evaluation, which may lead to Action, and finally Results. From the figure, you can see where attitude, values and competence come into play. In the Filtering stage, the mind notices certain issues and applies attitudes. In the Evaluation stage, the mind uses values to decide what is or isn't important. Taking Action depends on competence and the ability to act on the issue.

Our Integral Vision on HR is that it requires dealing with each of these factors to help your HR organization improve recruitment, coaching, management, assessment, teambuilding, outplacement, etc! Since attitudes, values, and competence are all separate issues, they may each require different solutions. jobEQ has a product to help increase EQ at each of the 3 stages: iWAM for attitude, VSQ for values, and COMET for competence.

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