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Starting to use jobEQ tools
This page describes how to become a jobEQ customer (level 1) or a jobEQ partner (level 2). First check which level applies to you, and then read the details provided for that level.

Level 1: Becoming a User

This level applies to (a) businesses or organization willing to use one or more of our tools and to (b) individual users (e.g. a coach with a private office).
Step 1: Determine what you need
There are 2 scopes of tool usage: "Basic Services" and "Full Services". Basic Services covers the usage of the jobEQ questionnaires and the basic reporting. This scope of use is the best suited for individual coaches or for users of smaller companies. Full Services are meant for high volume use and expand the usage to "models of reference", helping to automate candidate ranking, etc. (for details: see webpages as "Our Offering" and "Detailed description of products")
Step 2: Find a partner or get in touch with jobEQ.
Becoming a User requires the intervention of a recognized jobEQ partner (or of jobEQ directly). Your partner will guide you through the purchasing process. Depending on their in-depth knowledge of jobEQ products, partners may or may not be authorized to sell full services.
Step 3: Estimate your usage volume
jobEQ services are to be paid in advance: you purchase credits giving access to jobEQ services. Credit prices are based on expected volume.
Step 4: Plan your setup
The first thing you'll purchase from jobEQ is a Closed User Group. Determine how your Closed User Group has to look like. (Hint: take a look at the existing closed user groups.) How will it be called? What logo do you want on it? Do you require further customization (e.g. adapting your pages to your colors, by setting a secondary color?)
Step 5: Place an order
For setting up the system, we'll need answers to the following questions:
  • Where can we find your logo, or do you have one to send by e-mail?
  • Who is going to be the main user? (name, e-mail address, phone & fax number, preferred password (optional)). Do you want us to add other users straight away (users can be added at all times).
  • Do you want the end-user to see the short report as feedback or not?
  • What is the billing address? (company name & full address, VAT number
Step 6: Get set up
  • Your partner will send you an invoice based on the order. This invoice is meant for immediate payment. Once the payment is received (or earlier, depending on payment conditions accorded), the partner will ask jobEQ to complete the setup.
  • Once jobEQ gets a go ahead, jobEQ will set up the Closed User Group according to your instructions (this should happen at latest within 5 working days of payment)
  • Once the setup is complete, jobEQ will send you the URL of the closed user group + your login & password for the HR login page


Level 2: Becoming a Partner (or distributor)

This level applies to (a) consultants wanting to implement jobEQ tools with their customers or to (b) test distributors wanting to add jobEQ tools to their range of products.

A partner or distributor deals with prospects and customers, without intervention of jobEQ (unless explicitly requested). They handle the entire sales process and do administration, payments, etc for their customers. They can get a closed user group for demonstration purposes (reports from a DEMO Closed User Group will show the text "NOT FOR RESALE"). They are recompensated by a sales commission. Becoming a partner or distributor is generally restricted to trained professionals, such as certified LAB Profile trainer/consultants. Mail jobEQ if you want to apply.


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