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COMET: Competence Methodology


Modeling & Testing Competencies

The core of the COMET system is two things: First, COMET is a methodology to design custom competence (or capability) models based on the behavior of top performers within a function of an organization. Second, COMET is the software for administering questionnaires which are based on these competence models. The COMET software allows for using the questionnaires in self-assessment mode as well as 360° feedback mode. COMET is the perfect tool to assess current employees to improve management, recruiting, or coaching.

Once a competence model is built, it can be used as a basis for an behavior-based interview template or for developing a questionnaire. In recent years, jobEQ has developed a fully internet-based 360° feedback system to test competencies. 360° feedback combines self-assessment and assessment by peers, superiors, and subordinates. This method gives you the most available information about an employee.

Another option you have is to use one of our questionnaires rather than to create your own. The COMET-EQ test aims at measuring EQ competencies and is based upon the book "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence", by Patrick Merlevede. It has been used for a series of research projects at several universities. The COMET software is used to administer the test, of course. <More about COMET-EQ>

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