This page lists various options for getting trained. Choose the one which is the most convenient for you:

JobEQ Conference

In September 2015 the next jobEQ conference takes place.
jobEQ\'s conference is a small scale get together for existing jobEQ customers and partners as well as NLPers and LAB Profile specialists. Learn how iWAM is applied by existing customers and get certified to use jobEQ\'s questionnaires.
More about the jobEQ conference

The Integral Perspectives Group is an associate since 1998
Buy from Amazon:
7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence, Patrick E. Merlevede, Denis Bridoux et al.
7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence
Patrick E. Merlevede, Denis Bridoux
Words that Change Minds, Shelle Rose Charvet
Words that Change Minds
Shelle Rose Charvet
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Training by Patrick Merlevede

Patrick Merlevede, the founder of jobEQ, will run training programs for jobEQ partners in their respective countries and also runs 1-to-1 training sessions in Belgium, in order to certify pre-qualified professionals, such certified LAB Profile Trainer/consultants. For more information, please contact Patrick Merlevede

Training inside your organization

jobEQ certified trainers are available for intervention within your organization. We have several standard programs, which will be adapted based on your needs.

Contact us and we will get you in touch with a certified trainer that operates in your area.

The Institute for Work Attitude and Motivation

The institute is jobEQ\'s North American Distributor. Together we have set up a series of formal certification programs which are run around the year in several cities in North America. For more information, see: the website of The Institute for Work Attitude and Motivation

Success Strategies

Shelle Rose Charvet, author of "Words that Change Minds", runs LAB Profile training courses internationally. Many jobEQ partners are certified LAB trainer/consultants.
see Shelle\'s International Training Agenda

jobEQ Partners

In most countries where jobEQ is active, certification programs are run by jobEQ partners. We refer you to our partner page for more information.

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