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Sample, Pen & Paper version

The iWAM questions consists of 5 items one needs to sort from "most like me" to "least like me". The test taker needs to fill out a number from 1 to 5 (1 means "this is the most like me" and 5 means "this is the least like me"). Each item should get a different number and one shouldn't leave any blanks.

0. At work, I like to:
____  be together with others
____  keep alert to problems
____  stay busy
____  think
____  obtain good pay.


iWAM Profile Sample Question

The electronic version takes the same questions and adds a user interface so that people can sort the sentences, from "most like me" at the top, to "least like me" at the bottom. The advantages of using computerized testing is time saving (no manual processing of tests) + almost no mistakes in filling out the test.
To sort the items, you select them and then push the "up" and "down" button until that item ends up at the right place (repeat until they are in the correct order).


Most like me

Least like me


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