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iWAM Attitude Sorter vEN1.0

Report for : *** DEMO ***
StandardGroup for : Belgium

This report describes some of the 48 patterns of motivation and work organization the iWAM ProfileTM is measuring. You can get an extended report describing each of the patterns in full. This full report is available to the person that asked you to fill out the test.

 This is a DEMO of the iWAM Attitude Sorter Report as it might be shown to the person who filled out the iWAM test


When you are compared to the Belgian population, the following work organization and motivational characteristics are typical for you. They tend to show up when you communicate. Skills and abilities linked to these characteristics come natural to you and you tend to develop mastery in these areas. Some people will even say that these categories indicate your purpose in life. If you are applying for a job, or are willing to bring a change in your career, we recommend you to look for a job where you can put these characteristics into use. These are talents you should cherish.

Areas of Development

Each strength tends to have a shadow side. The following work organization and motivational characteristics are the ones you have probably developed the least, especially compared to the population of Belgium . These patterns might be "blind spots" to you, but they are visible from the outside since these patterns will appear less in your communication. If you come in a situation where these characteristics are needed, it will take you more energy to be successful. The more flexible you are You can either see these as areas of growth, and develop these areas further, or you can try to organize your life so that you focus more on your strengths.

Please keep in mind that there are no "good" or "bad" patterns, only patterns that are more suited or less suited for certain types of jobs. We recommend taking this report into consideration when evaluating whether you want to quit your current job, want to accept a promotion or were offered another job. Also, remember that the iWAM questionnaire is only work-related. We found that many persons will behave differently in their work environment than with friends or at home.


this is a report for the Belgian standard group. If you don't come from Belgium yourself, and live in another county, people around you may describe you differently from this text. Other patterns might show up as strengts and weaknesses in comparison with a different culture.

Standard Group: (disabled for demo)

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