iWAM Profiling System  

iWAM Profiling System.

The version of the iWAM profiling system you'll find on this part of the site is our demonstration system. It is available for the public at large. Its use is FREE for non-commercial purposes and is limited to one test for each e-mail address. If you use this demo, you will get a summary report explaining how your work attitude and motivation will be interpreted. The sample section of our site shows you which other reports are available.
Some of our "commercial" customers install the technology behind these pages on their own website, taking over the graphical presentation (look and feel) of the job section of their website. Other customers get closed user groups on this website which are available exclusively to them. (Go to the Closed User Groups)
We'll use the demo system to collect statistical data about the world population, and will NOT use the individual data for commercial reasons without asking the individual iWAM test takers explicitely for their permission. We do NOT sell, rent, or give away your name or address to anyone.

The Public Profing System has moved to


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