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Mentoring & Coaching with Emotional Intelligence

We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.

-Abraham Maslow

Getting Help Along the Way
Whether employees are in training or are facing a challenge on the job, at some point everyone would like to get a little help. That's why jobEQ is committed to helping improve your coaching. jobEQ's tools keep people's careers on track and to tackle the problems along the way. We developed an action-oriented coaching approach and offer a time-saving Internet format for our tools.

Our iWAM Attitude Sorter report shows a person's strengths and areas of development in term of work attitude and motivation. A coach trained in the methodology that underlies jobEQ's toolset will help a client to work on issues indicated by this report (this approach has been used for executive coaching as well as for coaching salespeople). The iWAM and VSQ team reports are great tools to help managers better understand what motivates their team members or to coach leadership teams of organizations. <Read some cases>

Our COMET/EQ questionnaire is a good basis for coaching a person to increase their emotional intelligence. Likewise, jobEQ's COMET methodology can be used to assess other competencies and the results will be a good starting point for action oriented coaching.

We used the iWAM profile at our recent Sales and Marketing Conference, backed up by half hour one-to-ones with coaches from Learnpurple. The results were outstanding - I can't recommend this coaching model highly enough.

-Simon Griffiths
Director of People Innovation and Education
Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts

Books to help you improve your Coaching & Mentoring

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