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While some organizations have one specific need in mind when they choose jobEQ, others find a variety of uses for our products. One of our partners, learnpurple, worked with such a client. learnpurple is a London-based firm known for their innovation in HR services, and this is why they were chosen by the client - an international luxury hotel company. The hotel was facing several challenges, and most prominent were conflicts between employees and a need for improved recruitment. learnpurple used jobEQ's iWAM questionnaire to solve each of these challenges.

Strengthening the Group

Teambuilding was the biggest challenge, in part because it can be such a difficult issue to solve without confrontation. learnpurple overcame this by administering the iWAM to employees immediately before one of the international conferences that the company regularly attends. The assessment gave an objective description of how each person communicates, and what metaprograms motivate them. At the conference, learnpurple gave the hotel employees one-on-one feedback to improve their work habits and communication. They explained to the employees that conflicts arise from differences in metaprograms. For example, a worker may be highly focused on goals while the boss has a problem-centered viewpoint. The work will always begin projects by thinking: What do I want to achieve with this project? What do we want to accomplish? The boss will think: What are the problems we must solve with this project? What are the roadblocks in our way? If these two do not recognize their differences, conflict may develop during the project. Neither thinking style is bad. They are just different, and we must understand them in order to communicate well. jobEQ's coaching model would teach the employees in this example to incorporate both points-of-view - to start by focusing on the goal, and to identify potential roadblocks before they happen, so they can incorporate them into the plan.

Jane Sunley, managing director of learnpurple, said, "The iWAM makes it easy to resolve issues in a non-confrontational way." Sunley said the employees were finally able to have honest conversations about themselves and the issues. They found out their attitudes and motivations, and adapted their thinking and communication to overcome their differences.

"The results were outstanding," said the hotel's director of people, innovation, and communication. "I can't recommend this coaching model highly enough."

The Easy Way to Recruit

For an organization as large as an international hotel company, recruiting is always a pressing issue. This company needed senior management, general managers, sales people, and more. Sunley recommended they use iWAM to evaluate job candidates because "you get a lot of information from something so simple." It worked. This client has used iWAM to hire hundreds of employees, including general managers, sales directors, sales reps, a group sales director, and the head of corporate finance.

The hotel continues to use iWAM for recruitment, and since this partnership began, learnpurple has attained successful results with other hotel companies as well. Don't you just love win-win situations?

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