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"Discover Exactly How To Find A Job So Perfect That You Can't Wait Until Monday Morning Comes Around Again!"

Here's just a sample of what you will discover from "Choose A Career And Discover Your Perfect Job: 105 Tips On Work Attitude And Motivation"...

Tip #5 : You need ______ as otherwise you will just wake up in five years time and realize that you are no better off than you are now!

Tip #9 : You're capable of achieving so much more in life than you could ever possibly imagine, so don't be your own worst enemy by fooling yourself that you're ___ _____ ________.

Tip #26 : It may certainly be possible to do everything on your own, but it will certainly be easier and you'll have more chance of success, if you ____ ______ ____ ______ _______.

Tip #46 : One of the main reasons that people fail consistently, time after time, is that they continue to do almost the ____ _____ ________ _ ________ ____.

Tip #55 : You will never make any real progress in your life or your career unless you take chances on _______ ____ __________ ___.

Tip #78 : It's how you view ____ _______ that will determine how happy and
successful you are.

Tip #92 : It's the things that ________ ___, which often _____ ___ at the time, that become life-defining moments.

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Patrick Merlevede